Posture for Life™ is an important part of our training in character development at Reign Dance Theater and we appreciate your help and encouragement as students work through this program. We believe true beauty, strength, and success in life come from a heart that is clean and pure before God and obedient to His Word. This begins with knowing His Word!


Posture for LifeTM includes verse sheets based on ballet themes and then numerous entire books of the Bible. We use the 1984 NIV translation.

  • Level I: Positions
  • Level II: Walks & Runs
  • Level III: Turns
  • Level IV: Core Strength
  • Level V: Leaps & Lifts
  • Level VI: Dressing Room
  • Level VII: Pointe & Passages
  • Level VIII: Reverance
  • Level IX: Pas de Deux
  • Level X: Review & Rewards
  • Level XI: Book of James
  • Level XII: Book of 1 Peter
  • Level XIII: Book of 2 Peter
  • Level XIV: Book of Ephesians
  • and beyond…


Every time a student proceeds to a new level (sheet or book), all previous sheets/books must be repeated.

EXAMPLE: Recite sheet 1 > sheet 1, 2 > sheet 1, 2, 3 > etc.

BOOK EXAMPLE: Recite James 1 > James 1, 2 > James 1, 2, 3 > etc. Memorization resets for the next season after Awards Night. When you have completed the Book of James, the next year you do not need to do the repetition steps of the first ten sheets, but can just recite sheet 1-10 and move onto the Book of James.


Verses may generally be said before or after class times and during rehearsals to a staff member or approved adult. When reciting a verse say the reference (i.e. Philippians 2:14-16a) before and after the verse. An entire sheet does not have to be recited all at once.


Recognition and awards for memory work are presented at Reign Dance Theater‘s Cast Party & Awards Night in May.