COVID UPDATE:  We are coming through COVID-19 with very significant financial needs.

The deficit of student loss through this season and struggling families unable to pay tuition, along with the absence of funds normally generated through our spring performances have left a great opportunity for those with resources in this season to step in as heroes to support the ongoing ministries of Reign Dance Theater.  We are greatly in need of an expanded support base during this season as well as moving forward and we ask that you please consider joining our support team!

Reign Dance Theater is a nonprofit charitable organization that desires to share a life of hope in Jesus Christ as they train and inspire youth in this generation to use the creative arts to shine the light of that hope in the world around them.

Your donations to Reign Dance Theater are tax-deductible charitable gifts pursuant to Minn. Stat. ch. 309 and code 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the ministry of Reign Dance Theater and our staff may be mailed to: REIGN DANCE THEATER – P.O. Box 273, Shakopee, MN 55379 or made securely online at the link below.


Reign Dance Theater desires that no student demonstrating a sincere commitment to train in our program miss this opportunity for financial reasons. A Student Sponsorship Fund has been established and we invite you to participate in blessing the life of a needy student who would not otherwise have this life-changing experience. Become a student sponsor today by donating through one of the options below:

Send a student to one class a week. Send a student to two classes a week. Send a student to three classes a week. Support a student in need.