Reign Dance Theater‘s Cast Party & Awards Night is the highly anticipated grand family event of the year. It is a formal attire occasion for students, cast members, crew and their immediate family (i.e. father, mother, and household siblings) to celebrate the spring production and the year. With ballroom and folk dancing, family photos, refreshments, the Posture for Life™ Student Award Ceremony, and more – it is a great evening you won’t want to miss.


5:00 PM: Family Photos & Dancing
7:00 PM: Awards Ceremony
8:30 PM- 12:00 AM: Dancing


Reign Dance Theater‘s Cast Party & Awards Night is a formal/semi-formal occasion, so tuxedos, gowns, gloves, hats, etc are recommended. (NOTE: No one will be removed for not being “dressy” enough, but Reign Dance Theater aims to make this event as elegant as possible.)

Reign Dance Theater has a strict modesty policy for this event – no strapless, no spaghetti straps, no halters, or low-cut dresses. Straps must be at least 2″ in width. Dresses and skirts must be below the knee or knee length with leggings. If a student or family member is uncertain if their dress is appropriate, they are encourage to contact staff and sewing volunteers who can help alter it.


Reign Dance Theater families bring delicious food, deserts, and beverages to share.


Reign Dance Theater‘s Posture for Life™ Student Awards Ceremony is a special time when families get to hear key verses recited and awards given to the accomplishments of each level. Year awards and recognitions are also given during the ceremony.


Traditional ballroom and folk dances will be on going throughout the evening. Students and families will have an opportunity to learn the dances in the weeks leading up to the event.  It is a great time of fun and fellowship for the entire family.